The role of the Governing Body is to oversee the overall management of the school.

The Local Authority, parents and staff are involved, together with co-opted members representing local business and the community. The Governing Body approves school procedures and policies, and oversees financial, personnel, building and curricular issues. In all matters, they work in close cooperation with the Headteacher and staff in the management of the school. The governors can be contacted directly or through the Clerk to the Governors. Copies of minutes of Governing Body meetings, when approved, are available on request.
School Governors play an important role in the life of Cleeve Prior School. They meet at least once every term. They interact with staff and children and support school events throughout the year. Governors are appointed through a variety of means, and parents who have children in the school are eligible for election when Parent Governor vacancies occur. We greatly value the support that we receive from the Governing Body.

Interim Head of School-Mr Kevin Riley
Chair of Governors – Mr Jonathan Marshall
Foundation Governors – Mrs Susan Robinson, Miss Georgie Roberts

Foundation Governor – 1 vacancy
Parent Governors – Mr Jonathan Marshall, Mrs Emma Humpston,  Mr Iain MacDonald & 1 vacancy
Co-Opted Governor –  Mrs Jennifer Holmes & Mr Elliot Grainger

LA appointed Governor – Mr Marc Kings
Staff Governor – Miss Poppy Roads

Associate Member – Miss Sarah Williams
Clerk to Governors – Mrs Becky Ellison

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